During Life Events

We have found that important life events, like a divorce, job change, or loss of a spouse, need a special level of care and dedication that other advisors might overlook. This is an emotionally charged time for both you and your family and we want to help guide you through the personal and financial implications of these milestones. Some questions to ask your financial planner when going through a life event include:

  • How should I manage my budget now that my income may have changed?
  • Should I keep my house or car?
  • What rights am I entitled to after a divorce?
  • How should I prepare an emergency fund for if I lose my job?
  • What are the tax implications of a divorce or loss of spouse?
  • What should I do if my ex or deceased spouse is the beneficiary on my life insurance? Should I review my beneficiary designations?
  • How will your professional qualifications and experience help me get through this tumultuous time?
  • This may be an emotionally heightened time when you’re forced to make pivotal decisions regarding your future. With a myriad of issues to sort out, it can affect every aspect of your life - especially your finances. Uninformed choices can have consequences long after the dust settles on your life transitions.

At Patriot Asset Advisors, our team includes certified professionals who strive to ensure that your needs - both now and after a transition - are heard, assessed properly, and explained for a fair and worry-free outcome.