Life Stages

Baby Boomers and Retirees

Retirement is one of the most exciting, and often most intimidating, milestones in life. You have worked hard throughout your career and deserve to sit back, relax, and enjoy this time. Whether you are looking to perfect your golf swing, spend more time with children and grandchildren, or travel the...
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Generation X

Often times, we are told to conform to the mold. Don’t be too different, follow the crowd, and try not to make waves. But in this industry, we have found that being unique isn’t a bad thing but instead an advantage! We approach things a little differently by focusing on the process rather than the p...
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Business Owners

Business owners face a wide variety of decisions that impact the lives of themselves, their employees, and their business. We can help answer many of the common questions business owners have, such as: How can I lower my taxes? How can I keep my great executives, or key people? How do I start develo...
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During Life Events

We have found that important life events, like a divorce, job change, or loss of a spouse, need a special level of care and dedication that other advisors might overlook. This is an emotionally charged time for both you and your family and we want to help guide you through the personal and financial...
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Allen Stocker CFP®

Managing Partner
Allen is the Founder and President of Patriot Asset Advisors and specializes in financial planning and investment management. He is a highly respected independent authority on both comprehensive financial planning as well as fee-only investment management. Allen built a successful practice during his 14 years with AG Edwards & Sons....

Meghan Wentz

Executive Assistant
Meghan is an executive assistant for Patriot Asset Advisors. She is responsible for a number of important roles within our company including office administration, marketing and client relations. Meghan joined Patriot Asset Advisors in June of 2016. She has 4 years of financial services industry experience and very valuable to...

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